Job title: Mechanical Engineer


My job at Madern started in 2021. Since then it’s been feeling like home.

There’s always time for a laugh. My colleagues are very approachable, which was very helpful when starting here. Also, I have the feeling that they are really themselves which makes you feel accepted for who you are.

All of this makes it feel like a big happy family at Madern and I am part of it.

Working at

What I like about being a mechanical engineer here is that it’s challenging. There is a lot that I don’t know and therefore a lot to learn.

Next to that, I work on a multitude of different projects, which makes this job diverse.

At the beginning of a design process there’s a lot that you don’t know about a machine. Little by little you dive into the design of the machine. You work out the details. Until the point where you know every part of it by heart. Then, when the machine is finally assembled, it really feels like something that you can be proud of.